Safety is Unified’s Priority

The Approach

Unified Construction Group holds all employees responsible as "safety managers," and requires that its company-wide "safety culture" is a reality. Project Managers and Superintendents, as well as Subcontractors' Foremen, will serve as the first line of safety policy enforcement as they are intimately involved with day-to-day field activities. The following elements are paramount to UCG's safety culture:


Insurance requirements, set forth for all subcontractors and suppliers prior to commencement of a project, shall be submitted to UCG via a valid and approved insurance coverage certificate before the subcontractor or supplier starts work.


Every employee on every jobsite is required to complete UCG's jobsite-specific orientation, administered by UCG on-site personnel, prior to commencing jobsite activities.

Safety Details

Hard hats and safety glasses are required within the physical boundaries of each and every project site.


An inventory of Material Safety Data Sheets at each jobsite is required for all substances used on the project and shall be easily referenced in case of emergency.


Job Safety Analyses (JSA's) will be required from every subcontractor prior to every major task performed on a project, in order to increase general awareness and preparation before executing potentially hazardous activities.


All required OSHA filings shall be completed on a timely basis by UCG management.